Deli Guy Philosophy 01 – Death

Adventures With Humans indicates that this was a real, live human interaction.

I know!  I left the house! I couldn’t believe it either!

Deli Guy

When I go pick up a coffee and bacon, egg & cheese croissant on my way to work, I stop at the same deli. Each day, my deli guy has a philosophical question taped to the cash register.

Question 1:   How long do you have?

Once, my Deli guy asked me if I believed in near-death experiences, and if I know anyone who has had one. I told him I knew a woman who escorted her dog ‘to the veil.’ The woman and her dog met a huge, snow-white husky.

The two dogs turned and left, and the woman came back to her body.

When she collected herself, her dog lay lifeless beside her.

What would you have told the Deli Guy?


2 thoughts on “Deli Guy Philosophy 01 – Death

  1. Mike

    I would have told the Deli Guy that I have had several near-death experiences but never had a mystical vision. Vision or not it’s something that defines you. Do you learn from it a have the courage to live your life in a way that may approach that line between life and death again, or do you allow fear to conquer you?


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