Deli Guy Philosophy – 02 – Sands Running Out

Deli Guy

When I go pick up coffee and a bacon egg & cheese croissant on the way to work, I stop at the same deli. Each day, my deli guy has a philosophical question taped to the cash register.

Question 2: “If you had the chance to know how long you had left to live, would you want to know?”

I said yes.

He said I was the first person to answer yes.

I told him it’d force me to get everything in order. With finite time and infinite imagination, and I’d only do the stuff I really wanted to do.

Timely, in light of the #MSWL (Manuscript Wish List) trend on twitter.

All you writers, be sure to check it out. Agents are posting what kind of manuscripts they’d really love to see. Time is a tool. Use it wisely.

Be mindful of time, and how you use it.

Be mindful of time, and how you use it.


4 thoughts on “Deli Guy Philosophy – 02 – Sands Running Out

  1. zeal4living2

    Very thought provoking entry. I have not read your blog before but it would be interesting to know what you would do first and foremost to make your life meaningful.

    1. redcapslice Post author

      So much of it depends on the time allotted! My five minute answer, five year answer, and fifty year answer would be very different.

      What’s the first thing that leaps to your mind? Have you already begun?

      1. Setsu Post author

        The shorter my time, the more selfishly I’d spend it. The longer my time, the more compassionately I’d spend it. In either case, holding back for the sake of politeness would be out the window.

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