Birthday Wisdom 2013

Here is the summation of wisdom I received on my birthday two weeks ago.

Names have been changed for my amusement.

Phoenix Swords: Leaving behind my twenties was wonderful and butterflies taste you with their feet. 

Weezbo:  Shared pain is lessened, shared joy is increased. Thus, we refute entropy – Spider Robinson.  Also, the moon smells like gunpowder.

Sempai Gin: “Don’t sweat the petty things, and don’t pet the sweaty things.”

Razzlestorm:   “If you travel abroad and eat potentially tummy-upsetting food, yogurt is typically a commonly available probiotic that can settle your stomach. Eat some yogurt each day and you’ll be able to resist foods better.”

Ferd: “Plastics. But seriously, learn something new every day. As long as you learn something that you didn’t know beforehand, no matter what it is, your day would not have been wasted.”

Australis:  “Don’t eat anything until you’ve seen a local eat it first.”

Magician:  “Everything you haven’t done yet? Do it now. Not because you don’t have time to do it but because you’ll wish you did it sooner.”

Mom:  “See a dentist once a year at least. Use an electric toothbrush. Healthy teeth = healthy life & friendly smile.”

Panko:  “Do not regret what you have done in the past – simply do not repeat those mistakes in the future. And always love openly and honestly – never hide it.”

Wandering Physicist:  “Surround yourself with people who try to be honest with themselves… it will make it much easier to be honest with yourself.”

Crow Mother: “The Universe is a short-order cook with no imagination. When doing self-talk, order right the first time.”

Smiling Biologist:  “Laugh loudly and often. It help with stress and anxiety and to see the good when things are not going well.”

Puzzledancer:   “Wear sunscreen.”

Quietude:  “You are the average of people you surround yourself with…surround yourself with people that have the qualities that you admire.”

Miri-Miri-Miri:  “Always retain a sense of wonder about the world and never stop playing.”

Frog Witch:  “One can read, listen, and learn much about the ways of the wise. But knowledge is no substitute for experience.  I will also say that at 28 I looked back ten years and said, “Wow, I was dumb! I’m so much wiser now!” At 38, I looked back ten years and thought, “I was so immature then. I’m so glad I’ve grown out of that!” Life is about learning – you just keeps getting better! Well, maybe not physically. That keeps getting worse!”

Chemist Viking Husband:  “Character is what you are in the dark. -John Whorfin”

Healer Cousin:  “25mg of Gratitude twice daily, taken with meals, and plenty of water.”

Listening Aunt:   “Always be yourself… unless you can be a dragon… then always be a dragon. Also, you’ll never be too old to be loved by your favorite auntie.”

Rock-climbing Carnivore: “Note synchronicity. Find joy in strangers, music, and movement.”

The Power:   “Surround yourself with brilliant, fierce people who challenge you to be more yourself even as your self evolves. Memorize poetry, song lyrics and fairy tales in case someone puts you in confinement. When opening a bottle of champagne, point the cork away from your right eye.”

First Friend in New Land:  “Pillage, then burn 🙂 “

Burly-Q Superstar:   “You find what you’re looking for when you stop looking.”

Countryman:  “In work, there are no better assets than a closed mouth and an observant mind. In love, it is better to be alone than unappreciated. Socially, always be civil to your enemies so as to instill a false sense of safety within them. However, ALWAYS keep your friends closer than your enemies and be consistent about keeping their secrets.”

Raven:  “Get your hands dirty once in a while. Plant a garden, volunteer for a state park work party, or something similar. Manual labor is good for the soul.”

Warder:  “Actions and deeds depict our honor, the truth and lies of ourselves are part of this honor.”

True Brother:  “Wiggle your toes in the sand, breathe salty beach air into your lungs, climb more trees, and once in a while try to find a place dark enough to get lost staring up at the stars. Hope your day is filled with realized dreams. Love from the desert… sincerely a jerk, his wife, and two monsters.”

Hardcorelei: “Never take anything excessively seriously. Whimsy is way more important than most people realise or admit. Make sure to crash your roflcopter at healthy, frequent intervals; and lastly, wopti.”

Comic Mixer: “Wisdom? Okay…”In many cases when a reader puts a story aside because it ‘got boring,’ the boredom arose because the writer grew enchanted with his powers of description and lost sight of his priority, which is to keep the ball rolling.” –Stephen King

And an extra: they weren’t kidding when they said, “Wash Whites Separately.”

Cohort:  “Remember, always sneak attack!”

Revolutionary:   “Alright, this one I had heard from one of my mentors: “A wise person is one who does not get into something that an intelligent person cannot get out of.”

Kidney Puncher:  “Magpie! “Demand Joy! Settle for nothing less! Roar!” You said this to me in a post card. Is that cheating? Maybeh, kinda’. But I liked it. Sometimes we need reminding anyways.”


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