Trifextra 33-word challenge: Loft, Tether, Crown

Mercy Lost


Damned souls’ scalded tongues wail:

“Merfy… loft…”

Far from home.

She rips her tether from its iron spike

And ties it round her head

A slave’s crown

To keep hair from her eyes.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This is my entry for the Trifextra flash fiction challenge.

“This weekend we’re asking for 30 of your own words plus the three following words for a total of 33 words: Tether Loft Crown”

The challenge closes at 5pm Pacific on Sunday, at which time anyone can vote for their favorite 3 pieces for 14 hours. Winners will be announced on Friday. (This week’s challenge is community judged.)


20 thoughts on “Trifextra 33-word challenge: Loft, Tether, Crown

    1. Setsu Post author

      The implication is that the other slaves and lost souls had their tongues burned so they can’t pronounce words correctly. I wanted to use ‘loft’ as slurred speech rather than the normal meaning.


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