Horrible joke.

Dixonshire: Don’t tell me to have a nice day. I hate that trite phrase.

Lindqvist:  Then have a lovely noun of your choice.

Dixonshire: Daffodil. Can I have a daffodil?

Lindqvist: Of course.  Have a lovely daffodil!

Dixonshire: Thank you.

Lindqvist: You’re welcome.

Dixonshire: Ahem.

Lindqvist: Yes?

Dixonshire: Where is my daffodil?

Lindqvist: Oh, no, you can’t have the actual object “daffodil,” just the noun, daffodil.

Dixonshire: Why not?

Lindqvist: Because the object daffodil can also become a subject, and without clear delineation we risk being swept away into the discomfiting provinces of litigation.

Daffodil finds it difficult to be objective when issued a subpoena.


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