Throwback Thursday: Halloween Costumes of Yester-Year

Is there a difference between being a fraud and being untested?

Sing a song of con-time
A pocket full of lies
Four and twenty gamers
Baked on the sly

Demon and Dancer

Once the doors are open
The mind becomes extreme
Won’t this be a lovely night
To spin into a dream

The king is in the ballroom
Laying out his traps
The queen smiles politely
While signing autographs

The maid is in the garden
Watching knights go by
Hedonists and narcissists
Fake armor and I

Happy Halloween.



2 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: Halloween Costumes of Yester-Year

  1. REDdog

    Perhaps the only difference is that the fraud does not know they are so until failure upon testing…does the unrung sword know it is soft before before it has been struck?

    1. Setsu Post author

      Something something dick joke.

      In all seriousness that seems to be the thing with costumes. They’re id. That’s why they’re finely crafted, or monstrous, or sexy. Is it laying claim to a true aspect of self, or making a wish come true for a moment? Do wishes lay the ground for reality? Does sword-ness invite strength, or does it need to be well-crafted and solid to be a sword at all? Is “fake it ’til you make it” hollow?

      This could get an entire blog post on its own. Wish I had an answer.


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