Tidbits From the Convention

As promised, here are some photos of my Goblin Ball costume (one of four costumes I wore, including Riddick costume and a Kahvi costume from Elfquest. Kahvi turned out inelegant and there were no Riddick pictures.)

This con, I encountered three of my four favorite con-pastimes. You can ponder what they might be while I distract you with mask pictures.

con02 con01

Some quotes and a story:

“Killing someone should never be easy. [It should be graphic, difficult, terrifying.]” – Wendy Pini, quoting Hitchcock.

“It’s important to make something meaningful, even if I don’t know what the meaning is.” – Brian Froud

(On dealing with criticism) “Women especially fear being eviscerated. If you say what you meant to say, how you meant to say it, criticism is their problem.”  – Wendy Pini

“Sharing is not giving.” – Gregg Castro

“There is no divorcing rights from responsibility.” – Gregg Castro

“Love of a culture blinds you to what that culture really is.”  – Gregg Castro

“There is nothing universal. Our imaginations are culturally biased — but that’s not to say we can’t still relate to and empathize with each other.” – Juliette Wade

“Stories, entertaining ones, are meant to gently convey an idea so that the person it was meant for will get it without being singled out.” – Gregg Castro

“If you can’t relate to the story, care about it, there’s no reason to read it.” – Juliette Wade

And the mother of them all: Wall Goblins.

A couple of other writers invite me to have breakfast with them. Since the whole weekend was Labyrinth/Dark Crystal/Froud themed, the place was rife with goblins and fairies, and bits of moss, horns and bone littered the convention center. I’d acquired, given away, and acquired a soft latex bone prop. It wound up in my pocket, and kept flaking white stuff onto my BDUs. Dick jokes aplenty.

We talked about nerd culture, old feuds and anger management. One of the writers said he used to get so angry he’d put holes in walls. I said I’d done the same. The other writer said, “yeah but with your fist, right?”

I said “with my feet too.”

Then he glances at the bone I’ve been twiddling. We snicker.

The giggling subsides, I catch my breath and say, “maybe that’s where goblins come from. They just crawl out of the hole all angry and alone.”

The next time you feel like hate-fucking a wall, think of the goblins.


23 thoughts on “Tidbits From the Convention

      1. Setsu Post author

        Nah, just goggles and gauntlets, muscle shirt, BDUs and boots (but those last three are daily-wear so no biggie.)

      2. Setsu Post author

        I’d have made it worth your while 😉

        Yeah. See that? That’s the line, and there’s my toe. Ri~ight there.

      3. REDdog

        Oooh, you’re naughty! But it could never be, warriors don’t live for love, they die for it…we’d be battling away until one destroyed the other…and then just be sad all alone, see? No good…haaa, love the line…

  1. Eirewolf

    Hey Setsu! It was great meeting you at the convention. I wish we’d had a chance to talk more. Your mask looks awesome! Thanks for finding my blog. (I’m afraid it is woefully underused; I probably ought to write things in it on a regular-er basis….) 🙂 –Erin

    1. Setsu Post author

      It was so lovely to meet you! I wanted to make sure we had a quasi-regular way to keep in contact. So far your writings are great!

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