Current Writing Tune: “Exit Wounds” by The Romanovs

I’m working on two completely different love stories at the moment.

Both of which climax at the same tipping point: when lover transforms into devourer.

There are tons of bodice-rippers where a stronger force sweeps the POV character off her feet. These are both from the attacker’s perspective. I wonder how sympathetic they’ll be…


7 thoughts on “Current Writing Tune: “Exit Wounds” by The Romanovs

    1. Setsu Post author

      I think that writing is an extension of self. No one wants to be seen as a propagator of evil; but some want to dig into our own darkness to try and understand it.

      At least, that’s what writing these stories has been like for me.

    1. Setsu Post author

      Have you ever been so taken by a song that an image or story fills your mind?

      Unfortunately whatever I hope to submit can’t have been previously published, even here. However, once I do start getting stories out, I will certainly post any tunes that helped me write them alongside the joyous announcement.

  1. Philip Shiell

    Yes, I have been influenced by songs. I suppose some of what I write is imbued with latent memories from lyrics, especially Pink Floyd “The Wall”, and even Kate Bush. One song (and album) that I’ve been listening to quite often at the moment is “The Raven that Refused to Sing” by Stephen Wilson.
    The combination of the video and the song always leaves me with lingering thoughts of getting older, loneliness, the hollow land of snow, and a bit of the supernatural.
    I suppose songs can drive ideas for particularly strong scenes (i.e. fighting, battles, confrontations); music is great for putting you in the mood for a particular scene. Here, I would say film soundtracks are commonly used.

    One scene that springs to mind at this particular time is the “Burly Brawl” from Matrix Reloaded OST. It is full of power,modern synths mixed with orchestra, E-drums, “Omenesque” choir, etc. it really puts you in the middle of the action!

    1. Setsu Post author

      There are some songs that put me squarely in the mind-set of a particular character. Theme songs, if you will.

      The only other time a song has specifically set a scene for me was “Flames” by VAST. In this scene, a woman finally sleeps with her lover she believed to be long-dead. There was something overly-perfect and sweet about the song, which keyed me in to a sinister undertone. Since there was no way for the dead to be brought back to life in that universe, the intimate moment turned out to be a dream — a psychic invasion — when the enemy uses the image of her lost love to dig deep into her mind and harm her.

  2. Setsu Post author

    I read this story at two events. It turned out the character was polarizing. Women loved her, men thought she was “just awful!”


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