Upcoming Writer’s Conference #sfwc

This year for President’s Day weekend (and Valentine’s day!) I’m heading for the San Francisco Writers Conference. I’ve been going to fan conventions since I was literally in the womb, but I’ve never been to a formal conference before. We’re a little over a week away and I’m polishing up my pitch, researching the guests and looking forward to an amazing experience.

The last year or so has opened my eyes to the incredible support writers offer each other through social media — blogging, Twitter, Facebook, etc. I’ve met some really stellar and encouraging people. In the last few days I’ve been chatting with YA character-crafter Lisa DiDio, and my fellow martial artist Lorna Suzuki about their conference experience and how to prepare. I made a lot of new friends at Convolution and I’m already jumping at the chance to do it again.

Special guests include Dan Millman, Chitra Divakaruni, Rhys Bowen, Julie Kagawa, Barry Eisler, and NoViolet Bulawayo.

If you’re in the neighborhood and want to swing by the conference, come say hello!

Questions about conferences vs conventions? Ideas for what I can ask agents or editors? Tips for me?  Let me know in the comments.

February 13-16, 2014


8 thoughts on “Upcoming Writer’s Conference #sfwc

      1. sherylrhayes

        There is so much I need to learn that I don’t have a clue where to start. Thanks for the offer though. But if you take notes, I would love to peek at them.

      2. Setsu Post author

        I’ll be sure to upload them. Are you on Twitter? I’ll post where I am and what I’m doing in case you have specific questions. I’m not shy — I’ll raise my hand for you.

      3. sherylrhayes

        Awesome. I am following you on Twitter, and you are following me (@sherylrhayes if you were wondering) so we should be covered. I’ll keep an eye out here too. Otherwise I will bug you for them at BayCon.

      4. Setsu Post author

        Ho-lee… Of course you’re on Twitter (and I’m sleep-deprived). I’m so sorry about that. Yes. Bug me constantly.

  1. CarrieS

    Setsu, I am thinking of writing a book about the history of women authors in sic fi. If you make contact with anyone in non-fiction who seems like that might be up their alley, let me know 🙂 Meanwhile I’m excited about your stuff!


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