I do apologize for my absence. There are a number of projects that have absorbed my attention. In my research, however, I came across this fascinating article about a woman who commanded troops against the Soviets in Afghanistan.

One of the many choice excerpts that caught my attention was this:

Commander Kaftar was leading a group of men opposed to the Taliban. During this bitter standoff, a Talib commander new to the area tuned in to Kaftar’s radio frequency from his hilltop bunker. He introduced himself to his enemy: “I am Mullah Baqi and I will fuck your wife.”

Kaftar grabbed the radio and fired back, “My husband will fuck your wife.”

Confused, Mullah Baqi thought he’d heard wrong. Commander Kaftar, whose nom de guerre translates to Commander Dove, clarified that she was in fact a woman. The Talib had unwittingly found himself squaring off against Afghanistan’s only known female warlord.

A woman’s war: The rise and fall of Afghanistan’s female warlord, by Tom A. Peter




4 thoughts on “Commander Kaftar of Afghanistan

  1. REDdog

    Laura at History of a Woman recently wrote a piece about the Tru’ung sisters in Vietnam back in 40AD, also the Bible recounts Deborah as an all round arse kicker as well…all I know is there always has been and always will be women who must under no circumstances ever be fucked with. They are the easiest to love but the hardest to hold.

    1. Setsu Post author

      Funny you mention them. I was recently at a discussion on war strategy, and one of the gents said “we idealize this image of the woman-warrior — they never existed. That didn’t happen.” I noticed that at least half of the “Top Ten Historical Female Warriors” weren’t from Western Europe. I think the number of females in the US military right now is somewhere between 15-20%, and in law enforcement it’s something like 2%. There’s a difference between unusual (or unrecorded) and nonexistent.

      1. REDdog

        The outstanding difference between men and women warrior-leaders is that men will recruit. It appears to me that throughout history these special women were people who were just kissed off about something enough that they did something about it, turned around and found themselves with a bunch of followers who became loyal to them. Maybe it’s only the women who are martyred that make it into the historical record, I bet there’s others..

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