League of Extraordinary Bastards

I’m in the process of doing final edits on my fantasy novel before I ship it back to my agent. It’s been challenging, because I’m also working on the first draft of a steam-ish scifi story as well. I’ve been reading a lot about the trend, its love of fashion and deep appreciation for detailed custom-craftsmanship.

My research brought me to the door of my new friend, the dementedly talented Dmitri Arbacauskas — who has fascinating wares for both steampunk and horror lovers.

His descriptions are really funny. I also got some stickers for the other writers in my group, and I love his poster about fear.

I ordered a hoodie from him, and it arrived today!  It’s thinner than I expected, but really soft and super-warm. Probably much warmer than I’ll ever need, as it doesn’t snow here. Check out his store, Tormented Artifacts, to see if something strikes your fancy.



“League of Extraordinary Bastards”


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