The Cave

BayCon is coming up, I’ll post my schedule and prep notes later today.

I’m hitting one of my favorite parts in the story I’m working on now. Kar’s been so tough for so long. “She carries the story on her shoulders, up a rope ladder and across a swinging tightrope into the sky!” said one of my beta readers.

As I’m writing, she’s really badly hurt, and there’s a good chance she’ll remain that way for the rest of the story. Since she has relied on physical prowess for so long, having that taken away from her is becoming a shattering experience. Especially, as with Kar, her expertise is something she fully embraced as a way to escape and ignore deeper fears and doubts.

Music is really important to my process. This smaller, scared version of a power anthem captures the fear, devastation, and last drops of determination remaining in a warrior heart when it realizes the body doesn’t work anymore.


3 thoughts on “The Cave

  1. REDdog

    I love Kar’s struggle already. It not only confronts the eternally capable with their own fragility but strikes abject terror into the hearts of all who would look to her for salvation and confronts them with their willing complacency…when can I buy a copy??

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