For Writers and other Artists, The Cure For Rejection

Passion is a key component of Art, and also one of the most thrilling ingredients in a life well lived. Passion is what fuels our urge to connect with other people, explore unfamiliar places, and examine challenging ideas. It’s the energy we bring to our Artistic Work, and Artists are among the most passionate of personalities. We get excited about almost everything because to us, the world is a gigantic, living, breathing, rainbow-spackled carnival of possibility.

The people we meet are characters waiting to be born, and the bus stop we’re stuck at is a setting waiting to be transformed. We never stop looking for unicorns and dragons. We never stop searching for magic.

A lot of Artists, find that their passion goes unappreciated by much of society. We’ve been told that we’re “too intense” or “too much.” We’ve been called “weird” and “crazy.” We get the feeling that we should tone it down, turn it off, and be more like other people. We’re left with the distinct impression that it is not cool to be as smart, aggressive, and as offbeat as we are. That’s bullshit.

We are cool. YOU are cool. You are a beacon of passion and light sent here to bring forth beauty into our world. Because of that, most other people are never going to understand you. They just aren’t. They cannot see the world in the way we do. The key is to find your group, your tribe — those who celebrate your passion alongside you. If you don’t come by very often, even if this is the only blog post of mine you read, the message here is for you.

You belong with here, and I think you’re absolutely perfect.

Basically, I no longer work for anything but the sensation I have while working.”
—Albert Giacometti

You will do foolish things, but do them with enthusiasm.
—Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette

Butchering music on a violin-shaped cutting board.



6 thoughts on “For Writers and other Artists, The Cure For Rejection

  1. REDdog

    What of the lone wolf, the wanderer without a tribe? Is he destined to stay alone? Does he reject the tribe or has he not yet found his tribe? Is it possible that for some there is no tribe…apart from Setsu and Tiny Ninja, of course.

  2. longchaps2

    Here, here! Here to bird’s of another feather. I raise a toast to your kind words and encouragement. Thanks and great blog!


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