“The Rumpled Man” now available from Fey Publishing


What it’s about:
Science fiction and folklore pass a flask over the dusty ruins of civilization in over a dozen short stories.

My contribution, The Rumpled Man, takes you to the Armers Market: the only place in the dome to find rare treasures like roofing and edible greens. When a street kid steals a treasure box from a disheveled vendor, her friends start disappearing…

How the sausage was made:
When Fey Publishing put the call out for submissions about a year ago, I wrote this story especially for them. It was my first time in a few ways. I’d never written about fairies before (Rumpelstiltskin, in this case), I’d never written a story with a little kid as the hero, and it was also the first time I created a piece for a very specific market.

I lucked out in this case, because I was able to approach the editor-in-chief and ask what kind of stories she was looking for. More surprisingly, I got an answer. The general wisdom is to write from you heart and find the market afterward. I agree with that wisdom, but I also think it’s important to hone your skill. If you’re able to shift your perspective, you can bend your heart any way you like. There’s a time to build tall, and a time to build flexibly. You’re still doing it your way.

Where to get it:
Check out the Happily Never After anthology as an E-book and paperback, and on Goodreads.


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