Explanations, Delays and Apologies!

Hi everyone!

There’s so much I need to catch up on. I’ve neglected this blog, beta-reading stuff for my friends — even editing and writing my own projects! The reason for this is that I just moved. And it was my birthday on Tuesday. And it’s hot out.

My intrepid companion, Sparkfish, is one of the most motivated and enthusiastic people I’ve ever met. We received an offer on a new place on Monday, he did the final walk-through on Friday morning, I ran and picked up the keys Friday afternoon, and then he looked at me and said:

“You know, we’re both really strong, and you have a truck. Let’s just move tonight. We should be done around 2am.”

Three loads later (44 miles, round-trip) we finished at 2am on the nose! Our only sacrifices were a smashed teapot, and three abandoned tire-rims.

Moving is the most stressful thing a human can endure. It’s more stressful than other crises, including the death in the family, because you become completely unmoored. You lose all your reference points. The water’s on the wrong side. The grocery stores have different names. Every errand requires a map. Worst of all, you’re living in a place that still feels like it’s someone else’s. To create a sense of belonging, it’s important to imbue the new house with your energy.

Sparkfish and I lit a candle and walked through each room together, exorcizing old energy and offering blessings and good wishes for each space. The kitchen got its own blessing. The studio (full of musical instruments, painting instruments, mead-making instruments and war-instruments) got its own blessing.

We made friends with a neighbor cat, who I named Grumpersnugs. Sparkfish made cardamom bread. I made a flan. He lifted weights. I did kicking drills. We nested, warrior-style.

Now that it feels like home, we’re ready to have people over. Just need to acquire more seating…

The biggest hindrance, other than putting up paintings and busting open three truckloads of boxes (which felt like the morning after the winter holiday of your choice: presents!!) is that we don’t have internet at the house yet. Once that’s up, I’ll be back to regularly scheduled blogging.

I’ve heard lots of good news over the last week — my friends sold stories, had babies, reached new heights with their lovers, and/or joined sports teams. It’s a truly exciting time in this neck of the woods, and it’s only the beginning! I can’t wait for what tomorrow brings.


Crystal, flowers, rosemary to transplant, and cinnamon dust to keep the ants out.


11 thoughts on “Explanations, Delays and Apologies!

  1. toconnell88

    So cool! Enjoy your new space, you two! I’ve moved about six times (since leaving my family home — also once moved in the dead of night!) and sympathise: it is a horrendous, stressful necessity. It sounds like you guys made it an adventure, though. Hope it’s a nice neighbourhood!

    P.S. Happy belated birthday from me also!

  2. Nadine Tomlinson

    Happy Belated Birthday! I’m a Cancerian, too! 🙂

    Moving can be a stressful experience, but I’m glad that yours went fairly smoothly. I hope that you and Sparkfish will enjoy your new home to the fullest.


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