Kung fu as the God That Failed

Truly fascinating article regarding disappointment in the wake of cultish enthusiasm.

A big part of martial arts instruction is clarity in what you are teaching. Practical application and traditional form both have their place and feed into each other — the way ballet can supplement a football player’s training. If you’re more in tune with your body, you’re more in tune with your environment.

Coping with setbacks from physical injury to disillusion will be part of your experience under a good teacher. Ideally, you learn mental and emotional resilience alongside calisthenics. Finding one art to rule them all is a non-quest, because it’s never about one style being more effective than another; it’s about learning what works for your body-type, your personality, and the challenges you’re likely to face.

via Kung fu as the God That Failed.


2 thoughts on “Kung fu as the God That Failed

    1. Setsu Post author

      Exactly right. There’s a big split between the folks who train for sport, for combat, and for personal development. Martial arts was once thought to make a person impervious to bullets… That was part of the beginning of the end…

      Happiness has so much to do with perspective. Maybe perspective defines the experience of divinity, or excellence, or highest potential too.


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