Laying The Groundwork For Age 50

Hi!  Sorry about that, I’ve been hiding under a blanket for the last few weeks. I was pretty sleepy.

A year ago, I came across this article about women in their fifties, and the importance of having a group of girlfriends. Rather than focus on these friendships themselves, it had me thinking about the kind of power a person gains with age. In the US at least, women in their fifties are free to leverage their experience, wealth, and connections to create positive change in their communities and beyond. Once again, the mask falls to the floor, and we have the option to redefine our lives, identities, and impact in the world.

When a question like “where do you want to be when you’re fifty” comes up, I don’t want to think of it as a goal. I want to think of it as experience. We’re climbing stairs, or walking a path, yes — but what is that path made of?

Marble? Plush velvet? Jello?  Hot coals?

What do you want to have accomplished by then, that sets the stage for something even greater once you’ve come into  power as a sage?
What do you want to learn?
What do you want to experience?

Is this something you’ve thought about before?


5 thoughts on “Laying The Groundwork For Age 50

  1. brianbuhl

    I have some dreams and goals and hopes, but I’m not assigning an age to any of them at this point. Maybe it’s because 50 is closer than it was 20 years ago? I don’t know.

    Your point about what the path is made of… what it’s like… is important.

    I think knowing your path (or defining it) is about living in the moment. It’s hard to tell if you’re walking on cobblestones or skulls if you’re too busy looking ahead to where you’re going, or looking back at where you’ve been.

    There are things I want to accomplish. I have to look to the future, to make plans, and I have to look at the past, to learn from my mistakes. But everything that is real is in the now.

    1. Setsu Post author

      I found the list of skills and experiences to acquire while digging around my inbox for something else. It was a nice feeling to say, “oh yeah! I know someone now who can help with that.”

    2. Setsu Post author

      I think the future and the past help define that which is now on some level. 50 is an arbitrary number, except for the underlying idea that it’s a time where many of us are judged by society as irrelevant — when we’re not.

  2. REDdog

    My friends threw a party for me when I turned 25 because none of them seriously thought it would happen. It was a watershed moment and has remained on my heart almost daily since. I am 18 months from 50 and have achieved little more than survival but no matter what, my greatest influence will always remain my children, for they make me want to live.


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