Where do your ideas come from?

It just happens.

A friend of mine listed her kryptonite in relationships. I couldn’t bring myself to list mine. Instead, I asked myself, has kryptonite replaced the Achilles Heel in modern speech?

Then I asked I asked the internet, how old would Achilles be today?
Then the Internet asked, how old is Achilles relative to Hector, Paris, and Patroclus?
Which asked, what are their genealogies? Who was their father? When was their father?
Zeus is Achilles’ great grandfather.
But also Alexander the Great’s father (sorry, Phillip II).
What if the sons lie, and bastardize themselves?
Was that a problem in ancient Greece/Macedonia, or no?
Religion as the avenue of teenage rebellion and self-aggrandizement in those days?
If Zeus truly loved Hera, and had been as loyal to her as Thor to Sif, did these mortal claims destroy their marriage?
Is it too late for Zeus?
What if heirogamy really did only involve one mortal?
Was there a bastard army, somewhere in history, descended from the same god?

This is where stories come from.


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