Solstice Cookies Ingredient List

When it comes to baking, order is the rule. I lay out all my ingredients before I begin, and I put each one away once it’s been used. Here is a list of everything you’ll need to make most Solstice cookies*. Some of the more unusual ones – like peppermint twists – have not been accounted for. This checklist is for my use, for later.

Fatty Buttery Goodness*:
22 sticks margarine

White sugar
Brown sugar
Powdered Sugar
Red sugar crystals
Green sugar crystals

Dry Powdery Things:
Corn Starch
Baking soda
Sifted cocoa
Vanilla Wafers

Vanilla extract
Almond extract

4 oz Brandy
1 tbl Cognac
¼ cup Jack Daniels

4 eggs
4 egg yolk
2 albumen
6 hard boiled eggs

Nuts (heh)*:
2 cups (8oz) ground raw almonds
1/2lb whole pecans or hazelnuts
2 cup ground walnuts

Finishing Touches:
4 oz unsweetened milk chocolate
4oz german sweet chocolate
Corn syrup
Melting Moment button (candied ginger/M&M/Spearmint leaf, etc)
12oz chocolate chips
Whole cloves

Nut Grinder (or Chef Knife)
Cookie sheets
Paper bags
2 mixing bowls (one to work, one to fridge)
Well-loved wooden spoon
Cast iron frying pan
Fridge space
10+ large containers (storage)
Small/medium containers (mailing gifts)
Small/medium shipping boxes
1 Large freezing container (for Summer Solstice)
Good music
Fine friends

Baking time varies from 1 month to two weeks, depending on your stamina, work space, and schedule.

1. These were originally my great-great-aunt’s cookies, but have since become Solstice cookies.
2. You can of course make substitutions; whiskey for bourbon, butter for margarine, walnuts for pecans, etc.
3. I prefer to buy the little 50ml bottles of alcohol for baking since they just sit in the cabinet otherwise.


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