Good things about 2016

I went to Worldcon, and fell in love with everyone there. Especially memorable was Alasdair Stuart’s support for everyone around him, Dave Robison’s laughter, and BSing late into the night with Bill Ledbetter, Stuart Hardwick, and my big sister. Strangers wanted to talk to me after panels. Someone bought my anthology. I made 147 new Facebook friends. I gave a reading, and the audience kept saying “why did you stop?!” Ken Liu blew my mind by pointing out how cosmology, and how humans view their place in the universe, informs their language, politics, and science.

On Saturday, October 10th, I took a riding assessment to begin learning mounted archery, which I added to my bucket list at sixteen.

On December 12th, I shot at targets, with a bow, from horseback. I nailed about half my shots.

Making solstice cookies was easy this year, thanks to a ready-made stockpile of ingredients and materials, as well as enough cookie sheets and counter space. Shipping them was easy, too, since my new day-job is so close to such facilities.

I’m back in the gym, and enjoy it. If I had more hours in the day, I’d go before and after work. I bought weights for home.

I’m learning how to be a better narrator.

I’m learning how to communicate with dogs and horses.

My little brother and I share an audible account. We live on different coasts, and have very different tastes. Reading ‘each other’s books’ has helped us expand our horizons.

I painted two paintings with paints and brushes I’ve been carrying with me since I was a pre-teen.

There’s an outdoor range nearby, so I can practice ground shooting whenever I like, in the forest (provided there’s enough daylight).

A little down the road from the range is the perfect outcrop to watch the sun set over the city and the bay.

Every Tuesday I meet with two other writers via Skype, purely for encouragement. As a result, all three of us started new novels this year.

I now have two bows. I have good arrows. I have people that care about me enough to help me get these things for free or cheap.

My home is comfy, my cupboards are full. I have enough resources that I’m not inconvenienced by minor inconveniences.

I have enough resources to address major inconveniences, even in a state of crumbliness.

I have lots of warm clothes. My plants are doing well.

My family is a phone call away, and they’re still here.

I have lots of books, tea, and mugs, and a little reading light.

This has been a helpful exercise.


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