2011 Poem

The main reason for this rhyme
Is the passing of our time
In pursuit of literary excellence.

For myself it is for rhythm
And not lofty symbolism
That I work this exercise of cognizance.

Generally as a writer
I’d choose fiction – it’s much lighter
On my brain than using this aesthetic sense.

But my sentences are winding
And so snarled that they’re blinding
so I’m forced to work on both sides of the fence.

Words are more than just their meaning
They require pure machining
And fine tuning to enhance their resonance.

There are many tricks and cheats
That commingle sounds and beats
Such as phrase-exchanging, starring your verb-tense.

Consonants could clink cups, smiling
At coquettish vowels beguiling
Front-to-back your lines will ooze with decadence.

Yonder language most archaic
Might yield ballads quite prosaic
Citing ‘translation’ as their weak defense.

Over pallet, teeth and lip
they will tumble, they will trip
Let ‘flow’ be your linguistic reference.

There are far better examples
Of the flow that I have trampled
Subsequent edits might make recompense.

In conclusion I must mention
My beginner’s comprehension
Is no more than superficial competence.


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