2012 Poem (Salis)

‘Better invent than suffer: imagine victims
Lest your own flesh be chosen the agonist, or you
Martyr some creature to the beauty of the place.’
–  Robinson Jeffers

Salis, 2012

Euphoriate and complicate
Eviscerate and bury me
And deep within the grave
I’ll still be smiling
At your memory
So filled with all your poison all that venom
Tasted sweet to me
While all the little pieces of my broken mind would atrophy
Annihilate, humiliate
And grind me into powder so I
The earth

When all my blood and all my veins
Decay and nurture seeds to life
I’ll still hold close the distant dream of
One day becoming your wife
And though I swallowed lies and always knew what you
Would take from me
The little seeds, drunk on remorse,
Will rise above my

It never ends
It never ends

Long ago you let me go
And never turned to look at me
There were no words to say goodbye
Just one quick slice, then agony
So many men I’ve taken down
Yet you destroyed my armory
I ponder blunted daggers, rusted chains
and petty
bypassed locks

To keep you out
To keep me in
To keep you in
To keep me out

The trees and grass are swaying
Underneath the rays of summer sun
When autumn comes you’ll walk along
And laugh beside another one
And though you will forget we met
When beauty found her grace in death
The trees will still remember
Hunger burning, weeping, yearning

It never ends
It never ends


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