My Schedule: Creative Ink Fest, May 6-8 2016

I have been summoned to Canada for the Creative Ink Festival!

I’m especially looking forward to Sunday, when I’ll be on a panel with a stuntwoman, a former MMA fighter, a bodybuilder, and a mounted combat expert. Check out Kristene Perron’s write-up on these women.

Elsewise, come find me. Descriptions below.

5pm: Beta Readers
9am: Build An Empire
Noon-2pm: Co-author table
Saturday 12-2
7pm: Why Do We Write Dark Fiction?
9am: Blue Pencil Session
1pm: Real Life Superwomen
3pm: Romancing The Monster



5pm: Beta Readers: How to Find Them, How to Be a Good One
Setsu Uzume (M), Katrina Archer, Kristi Charish, Danika Dinsmore, Jeff Norburn
Where and how do you find beta readers? How do you know if they’ll be a good beta reader or not? How do you be a good beta reader to someone else? Meet & greet to follow.


9am: Build an Empire On the Fly
Brenda Carre (M), Kevin Harkness, Krista Wallace, Setsu Uzume
Our panelists will create an empire from the ground up. They’ll design everything they can think of: geography, races, culture, laws, history, etc, while our moderator will toss problems (like insurgent dissidents and earthquakes) their way. An artist will be on hand to sketch scenarios and to contribute to the discussion.

7pm: Why Do We Write Dark Fiction?
Setsu Uzume (M), Colleen Anderson, Mary Choo,Rhea Rose, Trevor Melanson
Authors discuss why they go to deep dark places to produce works of dark fiction. How do they go to those dark places and reproduce it on the page?


9am: Blue Pencil Session
This is your opportunity to sit down with an industry professional for fifteen minutes, to share you work and receive immediate feedback. Bring three pages of your best work (double-spaced for authors, artwork for artists ). The pro will read (or view) your work and give their input. You may also want to bring your questions about troubles you’re having with the piece.

1pm: Real Life Superwomen
Kristene Perron (M) Lisa Gemino, Sandra Wickham, JM Landels, Setsu Uzume
What do you get when you put an MMA fighter, a pro fitness competitor, a mounted combat expert, a warrior poet and a stuntwoman together on one panel? A rousing discussion about the realities of being a “strong woman” and how that compares with their portrayal in fiction. Join authors Lisa Gemino, Sandra Wickham, JM Landels, Setsu Uzume and Kristene Perron as they KAPOW the stereotypes and share the truth about the lives of superwomen.

3pm: Romancing the Monster
Andrea Westaway (M), Katrina Archer, Brenda Carre, Setsu Uzume, Lisa Voisin
In dark fantasy, paranormal romance and urban fantasy, often the love interest isn’t human. What is so appealing about these characters? Why do writers write them? Why do readers love them, or hate them? Are there limits to the type of monster that can be romantic? Can we get tired of these characters and are there still ways to make them unique?


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