Baycon 2016 : All About Space


BayCon 2016 is all about that Space from May 27-30. I’m delighted to say that I’ll be there with bells on. With one of my most favorite humans from out of town as my guest.

Here are my panels:

Evil to the Core: Villains in Sci fi and Fantasy
Saturday 11:30 – 13:00, Synergy 5
Sure, the hero gets the gal (or guy) and all the glory, but it’s the villain that does all the hard work. Where would Batman be without the Joker? Nowhere! A good villain can drive a story, but it’s exhausting and thankless work. Come pay homage to your favorite villains and join in as authors discuss treasured villains in their own work and others to reveal what makes those villains engage or repulse us…or what fails to. Find out if your antagonist is as villainous as he or she should be.
Jennifer L. Carson (M), Alan E. Marling, Deborah J. Ross, Setsu Uzume, Christophe Pettus

Gearing Up For War
Saturday 13:00 – 14:30, Synergy 5
What do soldiers carry with them? We’ll discuss how soldiers prepare mentally and physically for the fight ahead.
Griffin Barber, Steve Mix, Setsu Uzume

How We End
Monday (Memorial Day) 13:00 – 14:30, Engage
Death – social and personal experiences, in life and literature.
Gregg Castro (M), Lawrence SchoenColin Fisk, Setsu Uzume, Fred Wiehe, Randy Smith


Adversaries, war, death. Like a story in itself.

I have an app called Galaxy Tarot, which is a handy for quick reference. Every now and then I tap “Card of the Day” and get a reading. Here’s what came up the day I received my panel assignment.


“The Tower is a card of shock and chaos.”
It went on to describe some other meanings for this card. The ones that jumped out at me the most were that the structures and systems I’ve built up in my life are being shook up. It asked me to take a look at my deeply held assumptions — do they still serve?
“Get outside of your normal mode of thinking by taking a trip, getting rid of old belongings, trying something new, or exploring a new philosophy. Drastic changes are required in your life.”

Did I mention I call the new apartment my tower?

Whether or not you believe Tarot has an affect (influential or revelatory) on the world, it gives the reader something to think about and chew on. A possible shift in perspective that will help one see around a problem. Much like meditation does. Much likes story does. The Tower seems embodied by these themes: adversaries, conflict, death. Drastic change.

Can’t wait to see what rises next.


1 thought on “Baycon 2016 : All About Space

  1. Michael

    Your panel’s sound like a most excellent thing to attend & listen to. Especially “Evil to the core”. 😎 Baycon seems like a most epic event.
    For Baycon is just around the corner & not too far away by train. Sometime In the future I will try to attend a Baycon. I trip on down the to Cali to visit the parents & sister’s every so often. A most beautiful ride…
    Anyway keep bloging your doing a wonderful job 👍


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