About Setsu

Short Bio

Setsu is the host and assistant editor at PodCastle. They are a member of Codex and SFWA. While they have dabbled in many arts, only writing and martial arts seem to have stuck. Find Setsu on Twitter @KatanaPen

Silly Bio

Setsu Uzume is a glorious automaton forged from New York grit, shattered blades, and more glitter than the smith will admit to. They are a long-time writer & martial artist; and newly-minted narrator and horseback archer. Setsu one day hopes to drive a tank. Tweet to them @KatanaPen

Horror bio

Setsu Uzume is a foul-mouthed, slovenly creature who enjoys raw meat and feeding hearts to children under six. Contracts for writing and narration may or may not have been signed in blood at Podcastle, StarShipSofa, Beneath Ceaseless Skies, and Grimdark Magazine. They are the host & assistant editor at PodCastle, and might impart wisdom as to how such contracts can be obtained. If you are brave, invoke and summon them @KatanaPen

Bio I Didn’t Write
(from the Escape Artists Wikia)

Setsu Uzume spent their formative years in and out of dojos. They also trained in a monastery in rural China, studying Daoism and swordplay.

They are a member of Codex and SFWA. While they have dabbled in many arts, only writing and martial arts seem to have stuck. Left alone for too long, they have a propensity to accumulate axes and bake cookies. For fun they practice mounted archery from the back of grizzly bears.

Setsu Uzume has the writing prowess of a classic Greek philosopher. They can turn a phrase as easily as they turns heads. They know seven different languages that no one else does. Not only do they know all the letters of the alphabet on a deeply personal level, they can put them together in ways that make grown men cry.



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