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Ninjabread Men

There are a lot of ninjas in my life to varying degrees of severity — by which I mean martial-artists and survivalists; not marketing-ninjas, accounting-ninjas or social-media-ninjas.

It’s not that strange to get a phone call from a buddy, chat about old ‘family photos,’ and find out someone still has that weapon in the trunk.

What IS strange, are the cuddly ninjas that keep cropping up in my day-to-day.

This little guy you may recognize from my banner. He comes with me whenever I travel.

I got a bit of a giggle out of this martial arts and crafts t-shirt.

The next step of cuddly are these cookie cutters my dad sent me for Winter Solstice last year.

Then, this showed up in the mail from my aunt today.

I must figure out a way to take the ginger out of gingerbread men. I think that’s why I don’t like them. Somewhere on some lonely mountain, or deep in the pulsing heart of the greatest citadel — a kitchen-ninja can teach me how to manipulate spices instead of knives…

…to transmute ginger into cardamom…

With my mind.


Adventures With Humans – Deli Guy 04

My Deli Guy… Oh my Deli Guy… Breakfast banter broaching bellicose…

Question 4:  Anyway, a few days ago he asked me, “When things don’t go your way, do you act like an infant, a teenager, or an adult?”

I said that when things don’t go my way I act like an adult, but when I’m happy, I act like a child. It’s important to release those impulses regularly, otherwise they come spewing out when you get upset.

I think our culture encourages adults to be more cutthroat (childish?) than child-like. There’s a difference between child-like and childish. We can’t go skipping down the street, or roll around in the grass, or scream and shout and jump up and down when we’re excited about something. We’ll be ridiculed. We’ll be stared at — horror of horrors! More than once I’ve been accused of being drunk when I let go. We need catharsis.

If our spirit isn’t allowed to run free when we’re happy, it will fester. It will drain the life from us like encroaching yellow on a green leaf; or it will kick the doors open as anger, sadness or frustration.

Recognize when you’ve begun to yellow, and do something about it.

Inevitable? Preventable?

Inevitable? Preventable?