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Fear the Children – New Pseudopod Podcast!

Flash On The Borderlands XXVII: What’s The Matter With Kids Today? just dropped, featuring three pieces of flash fiction read by…

  • the indomitable, Andrea Subissati, who co-hosts of the Faculty of Horror podcast, a monthly show examining the academic side of horror movies
  • the incorrigible Big Anklevich who co-hosts at the Dunesteef Audio Fiction Magazine
  • and the irascible me, who lives here, and needs no introduction.

I sent two versions of this recording to Pseudopod, one that played the letter as perfectly normal, and another that cranked up the obsessive, manic pride of motherhood. They went with the second version.

Head over to Pseudopod, and ignore that thing scratching at the window.


Audio Practice – There Will Come Soft Rains

This poem was requested by @brangwy. You can find her online at elanorhughes.blogspot.com. I took care to read this more slowly, and in post I only applied one effect.

Here is the original recording, with background noise.


  1. Download Audacity
  2. Open and record, including 5 seconds at beginning and/or end of “silence” so you can capture your base noise level.
  3. Select noise sample
  4. In the Effect menu, select “Noise Removal”
  5. “Get Noise Profile”
  6. Select all (ctrl + a)
  7. In the Effect menu, select “Repeat Removal”


Do you notice a difference? Any suggestions?

Unfortunate Demonic Incident No. 271 (Redux)

It’s here! It’s here!

In this “Buffy” vs. “Office Space” style radio play, Kara is about to lose her job because she was born with a demon attached to her soul. Now she must choose whether to cut him down, or cut him free.

Original show: blogtalkradio.com/rithebard
Author: Setsu Uzume – katanapen.wordpress.com


Sarah Rudd……………………Kara, a hapless maiden
Charlie Floyd………………….Marron, a hapless demon who lives in Kara’s brain
Everett Robert………………..Gerard, Kara’s boyfriend, rather full of hap
Tonia Carr……………………..Kara’s Grandmother, who makes her own hap happen
Sherri Rabinowitz…………….Bendersen, Kara’s boss
Jennifer Ripley……………….Crescent, manager of Headfiend
Don Logan……………………..Bumperstyle, performer, Headfiend
Carson Beker………………….Polly, performer of Headfiend
Katie Bowerbank…………….Tiffany, Kara’s colleague
Levi Werner……………………Ted, Kara’s colleague
Carrie Sessarego……………..Tina, Kara’s colleague

UDI271: Audacity Is Way Better Than GoldWave

I recently did some voice work for a friend, which led to the purchase of a super-fancy Blue Yeti microphone. (The $25 gaming headset from Radio Shack is gone! Woo!) The Blue Snowball was also recommended, and is much cheaper; but it involved hiding in closets, under blanket forts, as a means to create a soundproof environment.

As far as software, I had previously been using a free version of GoldWave (since 2007 or so) and decided to replace it with Audacity. Audacity feels much more user-friendly to me, especially because I’m still at the novice-stage, and keep looking up what the effects terms mean and how to use them. Audacity is also open source, which is lovely. Because the voice work I did was so much fun, and I feel as though I learned a lot, I brushed the dust off my old radio play and I’m in the process of cleaning it up.

I leave unfinished projects on my desktop to remind myself that they still need work. Some of these might be better left in the trunk to moulder; but I’m tired of looking at the pieces waiting to be glued together.

Exasperation can be as useful a motivator as enthusiasm, I suppose.

Today I’ll be editing. There are tons of irrelevant, behind-the-scenes snippets I want to share, and so when I came across this file I was inspired to re-post with text.

For audio, click here.

C: “Why… does he care if he gets cut out? Can he just jump to another person, presumably not.”

Se: “All of this is a big metaphor for inner demons.”

C: “…Uh yeah, I got that.”

Se: “As far as Marron, there’s a couple things at play. He himself is also conflicted because if he’s her creativity, her artistic side, he certainly enjoys a bit of autonomy — to be free, to say all these things — even if Kara won’t actually let him do anything. So he’s afraid for his own existence, and he wants to maintain that. I don’t think he can jump bodies, but that’s not to say that another force in his position wouldn’t be able to. When some people have really strong personalities, the people around them will adopt THEIR turns of phrase, rather than vice versa… The other part is that on some level Marron does care about Kara. He’s part of her and genuinely wants what’s best for her. He just has a really strange way of going about it.

Sa:”He’s a crappy communicator.”

C: “He’s a guy!”

Se: “Ha! I think that’s the case with all of our inner demons. Even if they’re urging you to, say, suicide — they know that something hurts, and they really care about you and don’t want you to hurt anymore… They just have really terrible advice for how to deal with it because they’re not really human and don’t understand the parameters of human life. They don’t exist outside your psyche. So that’s what’s stressing Marron out in this moment.”

C: “Oh, yeah. That’s complex.  What you need is an actual actor.”