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My Godmother, KAOS, on Accessing Divine Love

It’s interesting to note that as much as I make a lot of noise about writing and warriorship, I don’t much mention war on this blog. Or fighting, or technique or research… I’ve been awfully remiss on that score.

It doesn’t much redress the balance to put up this link. Except that it does.

A warrior’s path is a constant struggle. We love it. We challenge ourselves and grow. We seek out our fears in order to track them down and annihilate them. We want to know our enemies as well as we know our lovers. It’s a never-ending uphill battle to be better… whatever one’s definition of “better” is.

Part of that struggle is a well-rounded education. As proud I am of my darkness, I seek, with equal enthusiasm, teachers of peace. I want equal access to compassion and cruelty. I want to be ready when I need to defend myself, and I want to know what peaceful folk know: as complete a feeling of love as can be accessed on this mortal coil.

The link below is a [lesson? Sermon? Storytelling?] that was written and spoken by my godmother, KAOS. I know it was uploaded by her younger son. I don’t know the prompt or context.

KAOS once told me that Irish families gave one child to the church. That is, most children go on to marry and have children, and one of them goes off and dedicates himself to a spiritual path. My brother and sister have children, and I’m off doing my thing. Her son, the one who uploaded this, is who she was talking about when she told me that legend.

Please give it a listen, especially if you’re feeling down or isolated. I downloaded it so I can hear her whenever I miss her.

My heart to yours.

Intuition, intention, imagination.”

Saying YES to life, by Rev. Kathy O’Sullivan