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Being ready when you don’t feel ready

Don’t be shy.

I went for a beach ride this past Saturday at Mar Vista Stable. It was breathtaking. The beach succulents that covered the cliffs were were green, tipped with orange, red and gold. Between that and the bit of exposed blue rock, the landscape was a massive rainbow.

One of the women in my party had never ridden a horse before. Her horse was having a bad day, kicking and bucking more than once in the midst of the herd. At the end of the day, she still went around to the other horses and introduced herself. One of them let her pet him, and eventually hug his head.

When she had to, she stayed on the horse, and didn’t cling to fear. She was open to the situation, whatever it was. Because she kept a level head, I did too when her horse spooked mine. It was positively inspiring.

We shy away from scary things. We resist exposure to situations that made us gun-shy. We shade our eyes and shield our souls behind “yes, but” and “I can’t” and “not now”—or worse “I’m not ready/worthy/credentialed.”

Forget that noise.

You are ready. You can be ready and scared. You can be ready and unprepared. You can be ready and full of doubt, because readiness is a state of mind. It is a commitment to the moment, and a decision to be present in your talent.

You are cleverer than you think.

You are more resilient than you dream.

You are tough as a nut, and your nuts are made of steel.

Whatever you’re trying to accomplish—no matter how distant or impossible it may seem—give it a shot. Fail. Lean on someone you trust. Rally. Then, try again.

Try try try. Don’t be shy.

Better to light a candle than curse the darkness,”
― Chinese Proverb

In chaos, there is fertility.”
― Anaïs Nin


Beach ride, January 2014

Mar Vista Stable
Cash only


Adventures With Humans – Deli Guy 04

My Deli Guy… Oh my Deli Guy… Breakfast banter broaching bellicose…

Question 4:  Anyway, a few days ago he asked me, “When things don’t go your way, do you act like an infant, a teenager, or an adult?”

I said that when things don’t go my way I act like an adult, but when I’m happy, I act like a child. It’s important to release those impulses regularly, otherwise they come spewing out when you get upset.

I think our culture encourages adults to be more cutthroat (childish?) than child-like. There’s a difference between child-like and childish. We can’t go skipping down the street, or roll around in the grass, or scream and shout and jump up and down when we’re excited about something. We’ll be ridiculed. We’ll be stared at — horror of horrors! More than once I’ve been accused of being drunk when I let go. We need catharsis.

If our spirit isn’t allowed to run free when we’re happy, it will fester. It will drain the life from us like encroaching yellow on a green leaf; or it will kick the doors open as anger, sadness or frustration.

Recognize when you’ve begun to yellow, and do something about it.

Inevitable? Preventable?

Inevitable? Preventable?