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The Poacher Hunter’s Name is Kinessa Johnson

There’s been a photo floating around Facebook for a few days saying “There are poachers in Africa currently hunting Rhino. This woman hunts the poachers.”


Her name is┬áKinessa Johnson, and she’s part of vetpaw.org

Veterans Empowered to Protect African Wildlife (VETPAW) is an organization that aims to provide veterans with meaningful employment protecting critically endangered creatures and their ecosystems. They do everything from anti-poaching patrols to medical care. Johnson is a US Army combat veteran, weapons instructor, and mechanic — just one member of the VETPAW team.

If you’re interested in learning more about their work and achievements, head over to their web site. If you have the unique skill set needed to further their mission, applications are available for both post 9/11 veterans and civilians. Each rotation lasts about four months.

Pass it on.