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Maxre’s Photos of Women’s Mounted Archery Competition

I came across Maxre’s gorgeous shots from around Japan, including several from a mounted archery competition in Towada.

Mounted archery, or yabusame, refers to the sport of shooting from horseback. Archers dressed in medieval hunting attire and race along a set track. They fire at three stationary targets. The best known Yabusame events take place on September 16th every year in Kamakura; which became the seat of power when the samurai class seized power and established feudalism in Japan. If you love fine art from classical Japan, go to Kyoto. If you love samurai history, go to Kamakura.

Yabusame is not to be confused with Kyudo, or “the way of the bow” (Japanese Archery) where your feet are firmly planted on the ground.

Mounted archery has been on my bucket list since I was thirteen, and it’s the reason I learned to ride.

Check out Maxre’s photos and buy a print — they’re extraordinary.


Competition in Towada, Japan.