My Writing


The Rumpled Man, Happily Never After Anthology

Burying the Coin (reprint) Grimdark Magazine #8


Unfortunate Demonic Incident No. 271 produced and hosted by Sherri’s Playhouse. Re-cut in 2015.

Burying the Coin, Podcastle

For Honor, For Waste, Podcastle

Articles and Non-Fiction


Author Spotlight: Margo Lanagan for her story, The Fifth Star in the Southern Cross.

Author Spotlight: Shweta Narayan for her story, Daya and Dharma.

Author Spotlight: Seanan McGuire for her story, Lady Antheia’s Guide to Horticultural Warfare

Author Spotlight: Adam-Troy Castro for his story,  The Whole Crew Hates Me

Author Spotlight: Brian Stableford for his story, The Elixir of Youth

Author Spotlight: Eileen Gunn for her story, Phantom Pain

Author Spotlight: Kendra Fortmeyer for her story, Octopus Vs. Bear


Mixing It Up: A New Kind of SFF Award – Steve Mix/Mixies, and  Nalo Hopkinson/Lemonade Award, and other ways in which the SFF community is giving resources and recognition.

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